Equipment Rentals

For high school championship hosts and sport organizations hosting 1-2 events a year, buying streaming equipment doesn’t always make sense – it’s expensive, and the technology can become quickly outdated. The EZCast GO was developed to assist event hosts looking for a simple and affordable broadcast solution. The system includes equipment, the video player setup, unlimited streaming bandwidth and automated recording and archiving of all live broadcasts.

  • Affordable at just $750 a week (plus shipping)
  • Simple to use – can bet set up in 5 minutes
  • Arrives pre-configured to your event’s streaming video channel
  • Scoreboard overlays
  • Ability to stream and record simultaneously, and save video to USB for coaches
  • Support from streaming experts including remote log in for speedy assistance
ADD-ONS (for $250 each)
  • Scorebot (automatically updates score graphic in broadcast by connecting to venue's scoring system)
  • Multi Camera broadcast and control surface
  • Audio Kit including mixer and commentator headsets
A few of the organizations using our EZCast System:
Sask Volleyball
Capilano Blues
Quest Kermodes
Vancouver College
If you cover multiple events a year, consider purchasing an EZCast PRO System.